Cable Tie Tensioning Tool

Our cable tie tensioning tools include lightweight and heavy duty versions for nylon cable ties and also one for tensioning and cutting stainless steel ties

Automatic cable tie tensioning tools constructed from heavy duty steel to tension and cut cable ties:

CTG-2248 Lightweight tool suitable for 2.5-4.8mm wide NYLON cable ties.

CTG-9 Heavy Duty tool suitable for 7.6-9.0mm wide NYLON cable ties.

CTG-SS-1 cuts and tensions STAINLESS STEEL cable ties up to 7.9mm wide.

1 unit per pack.

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Product: Cable Tie Tensioning Tool

Description Price per packQuantityAdd to cart
CTG-2248 | For Nylon Cable Ties 2.5-4.8mm wide £ 23.51
CTG-9 | For Nylon Cable Ties 7.6-9.0mm wide £ 33.98
CTG-SS-1 | For Stainless Steel Cable Ties up to 7.9mm wide £ 63.95

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