Beaded Knot Cable Ties

Ratchetted on a bead system these releasable cable ties are designed for easy, releasable and cost effective usage, ideal for bagging and lightweight applications.

Supplied in multiples of 1000

Natural Nylon 66
Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
Resistant to oils, grease, petrol, alkalis and detergents.
RoHS compliant. 

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Product: Beaded Knot Cable Ties

Description Price per packQuantityAdd to cart
BKT-023-0100 | Width 2.3mm | Length 107mm | Tensile Strength 4kg £ 17.10
BKT-029-0150 | Width 2.9mm | Length 150mm | Tensile Strength 5kg £ 28.67
BKT-038-0230 | Width 3.8mm | Length 254mm | Tensile Strength 6kg £ 48.70

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