Beaded Knot Cable Ties

Ratchetted on a bead system these releasable cable ties are designed for easy, releasable and cost effective usage, ideal for bagging and lightweight applications.

Supplied in multiples of 1000

Natural Nylon
66 UL94-V2
Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
Resistant to oils, grease, petrol, alkalis and detergents.
RoHS compliant. 

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Product: Beaded Knot Cable Ties

Description Price per packQuantityAdd to cart
BKT-023-0100 | Width 2.3mm | Length 107mm | Tensile Strength 4kg £ 17.10
BKT-029-0150 | Width 2.9mm | Length 150mm | Tensile Strength 5kg £ 27.30
BKT-038-0230 | Width 3.8mm | Length 254mm | Tensile Strength 6kg £ 48.70

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