4ZERO CUFF Hand Restraints

Polymer disposable hand restraints offering exceptional strength and extremely fast deployment...Suitable for military, police and security applications.

  • Strongest disposable restraint on the market (Over 400 lbs. of pressure).
  • Won’t become brittle in dry climates due to being made from a high performance polymer (ALL other nylon styles do become brittle in a short time).
  • Withstands up to 400°F (204°C) temperature.
  • Finger Loops, which allows a one handed single pull system.  This frees up the users other hand which in return is safer!
  • Lower cost than the competitors.
  • Holds up in any climate in the world.

Disposable restraints avoid the transmission of communicable disease. Metal handcuffs can spread disease through reuse (from blood or other bodily fluids that may not have been cleaned off the cuffs), while disposable restraints are not used on multiple subjects.

Red is a reusable restraint for training purposes only.
Black as standard non-reusable security hand restraint

Sold in packs of 50 units

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Color Red
Size 4ZERO CUFF-TRG | Heavy Duty Releasable For Training Only
4ZERO CUFF | Hand Restraint Non- Releasable

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Product: 4ZERO CUFF Hand Restraints

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Red 4ZERO CUFF-TRG | Heavy Duty Releasable For Training Only £ 152.00
Black 4ZERO CUFF | Hand Restraint Non- Releasable £ 149.00

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